A Smarter Way To Plan And Track Work On-Site

Bring collaboration and accountability into your planning. Powered by Buildots AI progress data.


Weekly Grind Needs A Shake-up!

Same old story every week – you sit in trade meetings and discover that only 30% of commitments are met, leaving the rest stuck in limbo. And tracking key project milestones? You can only hope you are on track. Buildots Plan Tracker changes the game. Anchored in accurate progress data, it helps you build realistic plans and hold everyone accountable. 

Break the cycle; steer your project with accuracy and accountability.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

With Plan Tracker you set actionable tasks in a dynamic, progress-based plan. Armed with insights into what's been done and at what pace, you craft realistic plans that keep improving week over week. As the week unfolds, everyone knows who's done what, down to the tiniest detail. No random finger-pointing, No excuses.

No week starts blindly. No week ends with unknowns. 

Keep Your Milestones Center Stage

A small group of milestones define the success of your project, but cutting through the noise to track them is a constant struggle. Buildots monitors progress towards milestones, linking them to all related activities for timely insights. Spot blockers, manage risks, and keep the big picture in sight while optimizing plans.

No more guessing – with Plan Tracker, you know if you’re on track.

Syncing Tasks, Hitting Targets

At the heart of Plan Tracker lies a powerful synergy between weekly activities with critical milestones. With Buildots, you manage your short and long-term plans and ensure both are kept in sync.

Set your sights high, align your steps, and realize your goals with Plan Tracker.

What can you do with Plan tracker?

Set A Work Plan That Works

Set actionable tasks in a dynamic plan, pivot proactively, and set your team up for a productive week ahead.

Enforce Accountability, Ensure Commitment

Hold trades accountable based on ground truth. Easily track weekly completions, pinpoint where commitments fall short, and reinforce plans with data-driven confidence. Elevate your project’s trajectory week over week.

Turn Risks Into Calculated Steps

Identify potential delay risks and transform them into manageable challenges. Plan Tracker helps you forecast accurate project delivery dates, optimize resource allocation, and foster acountability and transparency with stakeholders.

Data-Driven Authority
Keep An Eye on Your Key Milestones

Link operational and contractual milestones to related activities for laser-focused tracking. Effortlessly spot blockers, and strategically align your work plans to hit those key targets.

Data-Driven Authority

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

Strategic Tracking

“With Buildots Plan Tracker, I can pinpoint critical milestones and actively monitor our progress towards them. It keeps us focused and helps to course-correct if needed.“

Chris Masse EllisDon

Willie Shaw

Effective Planning

“It became a tool for everybody to use whether it was short, mid and long term planning“

Willie Shaw Mace Group

Lee Howlett

Enhanced Collaboration

“Buildots Plan Tracker has transformed our weekly planning meetings, It enables us to set plans based on the project’s real-time status and track completion rates effectively. It significantly enhanced our planning and tracking process as well as collaboration with our trades.“

Lee Howlett IHP

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

As It Should Be.