Big Props To Site Ops.

Keeping Track Of Every Screw.
(And Every Screw-Up.)

Don’t let the dust obscure your view. Manage your supply chain, focus your people, align your teams and easily deal with molehills before they become mountains. With Buildots, site operation managers get the support they need without the scaffolding.

Finally, you can put your feet up at the end of the day knowing there’s nothing you don’t know.

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What can you do with Buildots?

Make Meetings Make Sense

When everybody’s on the same page, meetings are finally productive. Review both short and long term progress, including compilation trends and performance analysis.

The data don’t lie.

Progress overview screen
Manage Multiple Trades

Stuff either got done or it didn’t. Objective data free from amibiguity means trades are accountable for the weekly look-ahead. And nothing gets lost in translation.

No opinions. No messengers.

Progress over time screen
Mitigate Delay Risks

Buildots doesn’t just know where your project stands; it forecasts where it’s headed. With Delay Forecast's predictive analytics, you can spot slowdowns before they become critical and prepare for what's coming.

Delay Forecast beats unwelcome surprises.

Delay Forecast
Go from Plan to Proof

When build matches design, life’s easy. When it doesn’t, well, that’s just life.
Now any deviations from design are automatically detected. Reliable, predicatable and quality assured.

Nothing gets past you.

High priority error screen
Progress overview screen
Progress over time screen
Delay Forecast
High priority error screen

Discover Construction
As It Should Be.

Whether It’s One Project Or Twenty,
Objective Data Is Right There.

Prove yourself

Your gut feelings,
now backed with facts.

Save yourself

Automate reporting, instead of wasting more time, energy,
and brain cells.

Prepare yourself

Predictive early warnings means you’re ready before the ball hits the ground.

Align yourself

Let's say it all together now:
same page, sane projects.

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.


Full Visibility

“I would definitely like to see Buildots on my next project. When we had disputes over what work was completed, we could quickly get it resolved by going back in time to see the truth.“

Justinas Molneris​ EcoWorld London

Willie Shaw

Single Source Of Truth

“It gives me a single source of truth, that takes away all the controversy around what is being done.“

Willie Shaw Mace Group

Chris Brotherhood,

Objective Data

“It doesn't have an agenda. It tells you the truth of what happened – no subjective record can be that good.“

Chris Brotherhood EcoWorld London

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

Stay Connected, Start Connecting.