Take the uncertainty out
of managing construction

Buildots helps you keep in control of construction,
right down to the socket level

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Simplify your process

With Buildots, automate inspections and identify issues before they escalate. Using a head-mounted 360-degree camera, Buildots gives on-site teams a fast way to capture what’s truly happening. 

And with a sophisticated AI constantly comparing work to design and schedule, you can cut through the noise with relevant, actionable information as soon as a discrepancy is uncovered.

See what’s really happening

Delivering on-time, on-budget and to the highest standards means maintaining an intimate, accurate level of understanding at every site. Buildots give you complete control from an intuitive virtual control panel. 

And with timely alerts when there’s something you need to know, you’re always in control.

Live data capture
Automated analysis
Actionable intelligence

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Rethinking delivery

Managing a complex construction doesn’t have to mean endless visits or fighting new fires every day. Buildots is designed to digitize the entire process – giving you fast, precise and objective information, wherever and whenever you need it.


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The Benefits

Catch issues faster with early warnings

Make decisions based on objective facts

Give everyone a single source of truth

Transition to data based management

Keep every project on-track and on budget

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