360-degree images: Hoarding data will not improve your margins

A 360-degree camera is a fantastic piece of hardware, capturing enormous amounts of details with every shot. Any image might contain a key piece of...

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Date: 25th February 2021

What is a construction control room and why do you need one?

It is well known that Construction has had a productivity problem for many years. With the use of outdated methods and the low rate of...

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Date: 3rd February 2021

Managing Commercials With Buildots

For Commercial Managers, the essence of the monthly approval of the trades’ payment applications is knowing that the work claimed to be concluded during the...

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Date: 11th January 2021

Pace control revolutionises construction planning processes

For several years construction planners have faced issues surrounding the control of pace and the industry recognizes that weak construction planning processes have often been...

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Date: 2nd July 2020

Solving COVID-19 construction challenges through technology

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all by surprise, affecting almost each and every aspect of our lives. Fortunately, the construction industry is suffering less compared...

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Date: 19th May 2020

Construction progress tracking – measure work, not labour

There are already many methods relating to construction progress tracking, particularly in terms of  labour and workforce. Construction sites use timesheets and sign in and...

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Date: 10th May 2020

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