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At Buildots, we understand the indispensable value that Project Management firms bring to the table. As the trusted partner of owners and developers, you hold the key to seamless coordination, risk mitigation, conflict resolution, and regulatory compliance. Go beyond the ordinary. Leverage your expertise to drive project success, exceed expectations, and deliver exceptional value to clients.

Step out of the middleman shadow and drive project advancement.

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What Can Project Management Companies
Do With Buildots?

Data-Driven Authority

Harness the power of data to differentiate your project management methods. Stand out with comprehensive insights, benchmarking, and analytics that give you and your client an edge in decision-making.

Know your projects, own your success.

Protect Project's Financials

Efficiently safeguard your client's resources with a single source of truth. Buildots provides unmatched transparency, enabling you to protect budgets, optimize schedules, and avoid costly overruns.

Financial control like never before.

Streamlined Claims Resolution

Get claims out of the way quickly and efficiently. Buildots' accurate documentation and objective data minimize disputes, streamline the claims process, and keep projects on track.

Claim resolution made easy.

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Remote Project Management

Save valuable travel time and manage projects from anywhere. With Buildots, access real-time project updates, track progress remotely, and collaborate seamlessly with your teams.

Effortless project control, wherever you are.

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Progress by trade screen
Progress overview screen

Discover Construction
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What Will Buildots Do For You?

Be informed

Be Informed

Never miss a beat with accurate and timely progress updates.

Be resourceful

Be resourceful

Safeguard your project and reduce risk with data-backed insights and be prepared to handle issues as soon as they arise.

Be empowered

Be empowered

Lead your projects with authority and confidence, backed by comprehensive visibility.

Be efficient

Be influential

Navigate conversations effectively, leveraging objective data and expertise.

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

Global Holdings Management Group (US)

Maximize Resources

“Global Holdings has a strong pipeline of projects, and we see the huge impact that Buildots has on efficiency and transparency in construction, which are critical factors that help us to maximize usage of our resources, minimize costs and speed up construction in a responsible way.“

J.J. Ofer Global Holdings Management Group (US)

Willie Shaw

Single Source Of Truth

“It gives me a single source of truth, that takes away all the controversy around what is being done.“

Willie Shaw Mace Group

Chris Brotherhood,

Objective Data

“It doesn't have an agenda. It tells you the truth of what happened – no subjective record can be that good.“

Chris Brotherhood EcoWorld London

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

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