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  • Can we generate your weekly or ad-hoc reports?

  • There are two ways to generate reports through our service:
    1. Direct export - any authorised user can export the dashboard's data; we can update the Excel template to meet your unique reporting needs.
    2. Analysts service - for specific needs that are not fulfilled by our user interface, our team of data analysts is available to generate customised reports.

  • Is following a certain path required during data capture?

  • Absolutely not. You can walk freely with the camera mounted on your hard hat in any direction you want, so your existing work routine is not affected. Our AI technology automatically detects your location at any given point; collects and feeds the data into the system. In case you have missed a particular area that is scheduled to be inspected, the system will flag that for you so you can cover it on your next walk.

  • How do we assure high quality of data on our system?

  • Buildots algorithms' have learned to analyse construction sites by training on an enormous amount of data from construction sites. As a result, Buildots can detect with very high accuracy the current status of each activity in a project. To ensure higher accuracy and more valuable insights, we augment Buildots algorithm with manual analysis and assistance during the initial weeks of a project.


  • Where is the data stored?

  • Our system runs on Amazon web services (AWS) where the data is securely stored. For our European clients, the data is stored and processed on servers within the EU to fully comply with personal data and security regulations.

  • How do we protect the privacy of site employees and visitors?

  • We take privacy very seriously and believe ensuring people’s privacy is essential to making sure our product has a positive effect on everyone involved. The first step in the analysis of each video is an automatic blurring of all personal data – people, device screens and documents, from every frame.


  • What level of detail is required for the designs?

  • It’s always best to have the highest LOD for your designs, but it’s not always required. Buildots produces the best results when every type of element you are tracking is present in the designs. It does not have to be from the exact vendor, or in the right colour, as these specifications can be tuned directly in our system. In case of design changes (such as integrating a trade working in 2D to the 3D model), we provide this as a supporting service.

  • What design and schedule formats do we support?

  • The Buildots platform supports all leading planning and design scheduling software (for example Revit, Asta PowerProject, Microsoft Project, Primavera P6, etc.) and we actively collaborate with all partners in this space.

The Buildots solution comes with all necessary equipment for hassle-free operation.

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