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Per Aarsleff’s data-driven journey with Buildots

Venturing into complex urban building projects, Denmark's largest contractor, Per Aarsleff A/S, decided to strategically adopt Buildots AI-powered progress tracking for a 8,000 sqm (86,000 sqft), 9-floor head office construction project in Aarhus. 

Aarsleff's adoption of Buildots marks a fundamental advancement in tackling complex building projects. Through the strategic use of objective progress data, hidden costs and on-site inefficiencies are uncovered, paving the way for improved project performance and delay risk mitigation as well as prompt discrepancy detection. Diving into Aarsleff's success story offers a window into the future of construction, where excellence is defined by performance-driven decisions. 

Mette Mikkelsen

The Solution: Per Aarsleff takes a strategic leap into the era of Performance-Driven Construction Management

PerAarsleff implemented Buildots to achieve three key objectives and introduce structural adjustments to their on-site work processes:

  1. Improving workflow efficiency by proactively addressing incomplete tasks, thus preventing potential disruptions and keeping the project on track: Per Aarsleff’s project managers integrate Buildots in work planning meetings, enabling informed progress assessment for more effective, dynamic work plans. 
dynamic work plans
  1. Elevating stakeholder collaboration and enhancing subcontractor accountability and transparency: The integration of progress data into trade handover ensures that tasks are verified and completed before sign-off, eliminating the need for costly return visits.
  1. Resolving claims, which can escalate into costly disputes and financial losses: Buildots ensures that only valid claims for installed and delivered work will pass, thus settling disputes and promoting fully transparent subcontractor management.

The Outcomes: Overcoming construction hurdles for maximum efficiency

Adopting Buildots enabled Aarsleff to enhance project collaboration and minimize delays. Buildots’ early detection capabilities identified scheduling conflicts that risked delaying the project by over six weeks. Acting on these insights prevented potential daily fines amounting to 0.1% of the contract value. This strategic intervention ensured continuous project momentum and showcased Aarsleff's commitment to maintaining efficiency and quality standards. 

The case highlights the critical role of performance-driven management in navigating the complexities of construction projects. Per Aarsleff proved that – with the right data – complex construction projects can finally be executed with maximum operational efficiency. Read the full case study here >

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