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Multiplex Integrates Buildots To Adopt Performance-Driven Construction Management

Top construction companies are turning the tide on systemic inefficiencies. Global industry leader Multiplex serves as a prime example.

Our brand-new case study explores Multiplex’s adoption of Buildots for their One Leadenhall project, embracing accurate performance metrics and consistently updated progress data from their sites. This strategic approach is pushing the boundaries of construction efficiency, setting new standards for the entire industry.

Entering A New Era Of Construction Management

Traditionally at the forefront of innovation, Multiplex has been pushing the envelope by mandating BIM and digital design coordination. Knowing that large projects like One Leadenhall require diligent management and controls, the company adopted Buildots to ensure that subcontractor activities are accurately monitored and incomplete work, as well as delays, are minimized.

qoute Andrew Feighery

Multiplex adopted Buildots’ AI-driven project management solution to achieve several strategic improvements in their on-site work processes.

Enhancing Trade Management With Advanced Forecasting

Multiplex pinpointed delay risks by measuring progress against original schedules, enabling timely interventions and informed decision-making.

Multiplex delay risks graphes

Detecting Unfinished Work and Building Accountability

Using Buildots, Multiplex resolved incompletions and discrepancies early on, preventing costly reworks and ensuring errors are not repeated across several work areas. This granular oversight guarantees that gaps are filled as the project moves forward, leaving no stone unturned. The result? A seamless flow of work, free from the typical disruptions of rework.

Improving Ad Hoc Design Control

The synergy between construction progress and design adaptation is critical. BIM Managers used Buildots' up-to-date information for effective design control during overlapping construction and design phases.

qoute Davide Gatti

Beyond One Project

The transformation seen in Multiplex's projects isn't just a one-off marvel – this partnership proves that with the right tools, construction projects can achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency and visibility. It demonstrates that the path to overcoming all-too-common challenges is paved with data-driven strategies, aligning every aspect of a project from the ground up.

Dive into our case study to explore how Multiplex and Buildots are setting new rules, proving that systemic construction inefficiencies can indeed be a thing of the past.

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