Automate Tracking.
Predict Delays.

AI-powered progress tracking that accurately measures site performance and reduces delays by up to 50%.

Grounded In Reality

No Middlemen.
No Subjectivity.

A comprehensive and automatically consolidated dashboard with all sites’ data means you see exactly what’s happening and what’s not. Complete information is now at your fingertips.

Finally see the status on the ground, not just the reports.

Know There’s Nothing
You Don’t Know.

Stop worrying about where the next problem will come from with predictive early warnings. Once you know what needs attention, priorities are clear. Resources are dispersed effectively.

And you stay in control. Always.

Foresee Delays.
Maintain Momentum.

Buildots' Delay Forecast cuts through project uncertainty, bringing crystal-clear foresight to your construction schedule. With advanced analytics at your fingertips, predict potential hold-ups before they hit your timeline.

This isn't just forecasting; it's your project's new sixth sense.

Real Data. Real Plans.

Buildots’ Plan Tracker smashes old-school weekly planning. No more guesswork or post-action head-scratching. Armed with accurate progress data, Plan Tracker cranks up collaboration and breeds accountability across the board. This ain't your grandpa's planning routine.

Steady your aim, tighten your game, and scale new heights with Plan Tracker.

Automate Tracking.
Predict Delays.

Award Winning
Construction Software

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Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

Leading AI-Based Solution

“Buildots will soon be the technical solution of choice across our industry.“

Glen Roberts Wates

Willie Shaw

Single Source Of Truth

“It gives me a single source of truth, that takes away all the controversy around what is being done.“

Willie Shaw Mace Group


Full Visibility

“I would definitely like to see Buildots on my next project. When we had disputes over what work was completed, we could quickly get it resolved by going back in time to see the truth.“

Justinas Molneris​ EcoWorld London

Chris Brotherhood,

Objective Data

“It doesn't have an agenda. It tells you the truth of what happened – no subjective record can be that good.“

Chris Brotherhood EcoWorld London

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.
Take Theirs.

With Us
You Do You.

Plans become reality.

We know the shtick and the standards. By integrating your project design  and schedule, we have a baseline  for success.

Records consolidate themselves. Automatically.

Streamline your projects by automating manual processes with a platform that does the work for you.

Work like you’re used to. Only better.

Use dynamic and flexible reports in your language and your words. No new lingo or jargon required.

Your new MVP

Service comes standard with easy implementation and hands-on training.  All of the answers, none of the BS.

As It Should Be.

Stay Connected, Start Connecting.